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Who am I?

I am a home cook with a degree in Culinary Arts

My mother taught her daughters how to fix dinner, but it was not until I went to cooking school that I learned to get beyond the recipes.

I have cooked professionally, but cooking professionally is basically not about creativity, despite what you hear. Professional cooking is a low-paying, repetitious job that is damned hard work, as many late career-changers have found out. It is much more fun to cook for yourself than to cook for a living.

I have always explored cooking good stuff, sometimes on a budget, sometimes not. What hits the spot can often best be made at home.

Dietary challenges may require more creativity, but I find there is no shortage of good things to eat.

I'm cleaning up the site, whew! It needs to be completely redone so I can give you full access to my recipe archive again. Check back soon.

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